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It is a specialized product used to fix makeup on powder and concealer creams and creates an evenly smooth appearance on the skin.

Contains vitamins A, E, F

Contains natural oils to maintain skin elasticity

Protects skin from harmful sunlight

Moisturizer and conditioner for the skin

Promotes and rejuvenates the skin with Omega 6,7,9


Great product to install beauty

Many women complain of unstable makeup and are looking for a way.

Environmental factors such as lipid secretion and some of the same products make the skin become waxy and leave a bad appearance on the face.

FLORMAR LOOSE POWDER creates a natural effect on the skin and makes prevents clotting.

Highlights are:

Significantly increase the shelf life of makeup

Better under the eyes and oily skin

Available in a variety of colors for a variety of skin colors

Suitable for daily makeup, heavy makeup and makeup

Easy to use for beginners

Keep skin moisture around eyes

Natural effect on the skin

Prevents wrinkles and lines


It can be used with make-up brushes and to a large extent after using concealer, after a few minutes and when removing wet using the brush. FLORMAR LOOSE POWDER removes concealer eye defects to prevent concealed folding and increase eye wrinkles can be like a laugh line, on the front as well as on the nose of mixed skin


It is a high-quality stabilizer that will help you get a natural complexion. Perfect for night parties and parties that give makeup a long lasting shine, and won't break or break away from a sweaty product for sweat and oily skin.

Consumer reviews of Los Powder Powder FLORMAR LOOSE POWDER

Users of this product mainly have oily and complex skin, with excess skin appearing quickly after makeup. Consumers of the product admitted that they had long-lasting makeup and beauty, and whenever they went to get another powder, they went back to FLORMAR LOOSE POWDER and were all satisfied with the quality.

The last word ...

If you're looking for a moist but natural skin that looks oily and shiny after applying a variety of dried and diluted creams, FLORMAR LOOSE POWDER can be a good choice for fixing makeup and lightweight formulations that won't create a heavy burden on the skin. Brings you high durability.

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