.Dr. Rashel Collagen elasticity & firming primer serum100ml

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Brand: DR.RASHEL DR.RASHEL Product Code: Primer Serum

DR·RASHEL Collagen Elasticity firming and primer serum BenefitsThe hydrolysed collagen extract skin works to increase skin elasticity , locks in water and resists the signs of aging, helps frim , plumps and hydrates skin, helps to regain youthful look. Performs a firming and lifting effect on the skin, by boosting collagen sythesis, skin looks smoother and firmer. ADVANCED COLLAGEN SUPPORT: Boosts Collagen Production This Face Serum is made to fight wrinkles & fine lines out performs Anti Aging Creams, it Plumps, Hydrates, Smooths Fine lines & wrinkles. Improves Skin Texture

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