AMANDA Care Hand Cream with Vitamin C, SPF10 & Orange Extract 80 ML

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Vitamin C Hand Cream from Amanda Kerr nourishes the hands and gives them radiance and softness without stickiness and gives the nails an attractive glossy look. The formula contains the SPF10 sun protection factor, which protects the hands from the harmful rays of the sun and from the factors of aging and wrinkles.

Vitamin C Benefits:

Treats damaged skin cells, reducing wrinkles

It boosts collagen production which reduces the appearance of aging skin.

Brightens skin and reduces dark spots

Benefits of the sun protection factor (SPF 10 .):

 Protects from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun

Prevents sunburn, redness and itching

Helps the skin maintain its health and luster

Reduces the incidence of skin cancer.

Benefits of orange extract: Citric acid cleans clogged pores and maintains the skin's hydration level

 Suitable for all skin types

For best results, use daily on clean, dry skin

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