Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Ultra Black 62

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Brand: Bourjois paris Bourjois  paris Product Code: Mascara

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Volume 1 Seconde Ultra-Black brand Bourjois is a mask for immediate coverage of eyelashes, long-lasting and easy removal , able to turn black in black ultra. The Smart Brush mask Volume 1 Seconde Ultra -Black has coated bristles of small spheres that allow eyelashes to be engaged 360 and straight bristles defining a eyelashes while a lump. Its formula is rich with 3 active 'leash-morphing' effect with the denser immediately. Using in its composition carnauba wax and bee and jojoba esters, this mask does not press, stretch. Volume 1 Seconde Ultra-Black increases the volume of the cilium from the root, providing generous coverage eyelash to eyelash, from base to tip, providing high volume that lasts up to 16 hours with rapid and uniform removal. with an exaggeratedly black black, volume 1 Seconde Ultra-black sublimates matter creating a good effect of false eyelashes. Much more intense, vibrant, bright, bright and seductive color that brightens the eyelashes, velvety volume, brightness, bringing mystery to look.

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