Deborah Milano Mascara Double Effect Nero - Black

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Brand: DEBORAH DEBORAH Product Code: 8009518283907

With Double Effect mascara, one product delivers luxuriously dense and incredibly long eyelashes that are perfectly defined. and without a blindfold or a clump!
The special elastomer applicator can be installed in two positions to provide different effects that meet all the requirements:
Position 1: Length and Definition - When the bumps are set in parallel, the Double Effect VOLUME and LENGTH Mascara splits each eyelash and provides an unprecedented length and definition.
Position 2: Extreme volume - turning the lid counterclockwise, the bristles take a spiral shape that is ideal for achieving extreme volume.
Formulated with micro silica particles and a mixture of special molecules, the mascara is uniformly applied to the entire length of each lashes, from korea to peak. Triple Deep Black Complex gives the eyelids the darkest color ever.

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