Dr. Rashel Gold Collagen Peel off Facial Mask 24Hours Effect for Face, 120 ml

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Brand: DR.RASHEL DR.RASHEL Product Code: Peel off Facial Mask

Reduces the fine lines and blemishes for a younger-looking skin
Helps to cleanse and moisturise the skin by giving the natural glow
Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly for lasting hydration and moisture
Serum reduce pigmentation, fades dark spots, makes your skin more smoother and whiter
Efficacious facial serum brightens and clarifies skin dark spots
Dr. RASHEL was founded in wealthy Dubai. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been the perfume brand deducing the acme of luxury, elegance and happiness by natural skin care and natural beauty. Since the birth of "golden life" series of skin care products in 2002

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