Euphoria by Calvin Klein for Men - Eau de Toilette

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This fragrance is an oriental one that is sweet. The advertising for the Euphoria by Calvin Klein took place on the 2nd of January, 2008. This fragrance was created by the brilliant and renowned perfumers Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. He is strong and powerful has a dominating presence and is quite sensual. It was because of this man that the word ‘gentleman’ was actually coined. The fragrance is available in a classy looking brown colored glass bottle that is shaped like a square with rounded corners. The stopper is a brown rectangle, and unlike the bottle, omits the curvy edges


Euphoria by Calvin Klein Perfume Notes

Euphoria by Calvin Klein


The top notes of Euphoria by Calvin Klein are sharp and fleeting and very energizing with notes of ginger and hot pepper.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein


The heart of Euphoria by Calvin Klein is composed of warm cedar, smoky vetiver, savory sage and spicy black basil and heightens the senses, making you feel pumped up and rejuvenated.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein


The warm tones for Euphoria by Calvin Klein from myrrh, powerful labdanum, amber, somber earthy patchouli, and musty agar wood give this scent a smooth and pleasant feel. These notes together compose a very warm and sensual scent that is quite magnetic.

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