Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner -105

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Brand: Flormar Flormar Product Code: 8690604109050

Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner is a range of intensely colored pencils that also have water resistance. You no longer have to worry about water, sweat, or moisture, with this Waterproof Eyeliner, your eye makeup will be flawless no matter what. This set of eyeliners also comes in a wide variety of colors that promise to please any taste, match any style and fit every occasion. Furthermore, this formula has Palm Oil, an ingredient that not only delivers a creamy texture and therefore allows for an easy use, but also protects the intensity of color. Like so, you can effortlessly apply the Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner to create definition and add a pop of color. Use it above your upper lash line or below the low eyelashes roots. Then, watch how your eye makeup steps into a completely new level! In addition to this, the Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner formula is also extremely hydrating and protective. In fact, it is infused with Vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant component that shields the skin against environmental damage and prevents premature aging. The skin around your eyes will thank you once you deliver this extra touch of moisture that also helps to stop early signs of aging. You just have to pick your favorite colors and start creating! With easy application, countless shades and effective formula, this Waterproof Eyeliner will quickly become your new go-to.

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