KSV TENT Cheeks & Lips Long Lasting _ Peach

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Brand: KSV KSV Product Code: tent

Tent ksv features:
  1.  Variety of colors to suit all different skin tones.
  2.  Soft on the skin.
  3.  It gives a natural look.
  4.  Easy to control the degree of color by controlling the amount of tint used.
  5.  It contains beneficial substances for the skin and does not cause skin irritation.
  6.  It moisturizes the skin naturally.
  7.  Suitable for all skin types.
  8.  Color fastness for a long time.
  9.  It comes in a gel form for easy control of the amount.
  10.  Suitable for cheeks and lips.


  1.  This gorgeous Peach-colored lotion gives lips and cheeks a beautiful blush that's like a sunset in the tropics.
  2. The product is resistant to smudging or light touching, and its translucent color for hours on end will give you a lively, sun-kissed look.

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