L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Long Conditioner For Weakened Long Hair - 400ml

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Brand: L'OREAL PARIS hair care L'OREAL PARIS hair care Product Code: Conditioner

Discover Our Secret To Fulfill Your Long Hair Dreams! Say goodbye to thinning damaged hair with split ends, Say hello to stronger and fuller hair with repaired ends! Our strong formula is a cocktail of:
1. Castor Oil Concentrate: For healthy hair that grows stronger and fuller. 2. Vegetal Proteins (Wheat, Soy, Corn): to reinforce your hair, give it more texture, and to seal damaged lengths
Long Hair Tip: rinse your hair with cold water to give it more shine. Complete Your Routine With The No Haircut Cream for protection, easier styling, and repaired tips. *Instrumental test after multiple applications. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

Type: Tonic Conditioner
Discover our secret to get the long hair of your dreams
Dream-length balm: Alfred's unique, straighten your hair instantly: you can free your hair, tie it or lay it off with breakage protectors.
Castor Oil Center: For a healthy, longer and more dense hair appearance.
Plant proteins (wheat, soy, corn): to strengthen hair and repair the limbs
Recommended for long hair owners
He likes to apply conditioner only along the hair, to avoid lubrication of the scalp, then wash it.
Complete your hair care routine, using a tip-saving cream.

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