Mavala Double-Lash 10Ml

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Double-Lash contains a natural extract rich in vitamins and proteins that strengthens, covers and protects the lashes which will then become longer and stronger. This care helps lengthen and densify lashes, which will be more fuller and silkier.

. الماسكرا الطبية التى تقوم بجعل الرموش أطول و أقوى. كما انها تقوم بتغطيتها وحمايتها
How To Use ..

Brush Double-Lash every night onto perfectly clean lashes (and eyebrows if needed), from root to tip. Leave on to act overnight. There is no need to specially remove in the morning, even before applying make-up. Daily use of minimum 2 months for fuller, longer, stronger lashes.


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