PARFOIS Set Of Gold Hoop Earrings 5606428597532

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Brand: Parfois Parfois Product Code: Earrings

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There are never too many accessories! Especially stylish, original and spectacular from the Portuguese brand Parfois . Properly chosen accessories harmoniously complement the image, become its highlight, placing the necessary accents.

Parfois collections are always diverse, you can pick up everything: from elegant and strict classics to juicy, colorful, charming ethno. With sequins or beads, embroidery or appliqué, key rings or perforations, with or without a hint of decor - all Parfois accessories look stylish and original.

Parfois is a manufacturer of women's bags and fashion accessories: glasses, elastic bands and hair clips, hats, scarves, and shoes. All this variety of accessories will bring zest to the wardrobe of every girl.

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