Police Shock In Scent For Woman Edp 100ml

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Brand: POLICE POLICE Product Code: EDP

Floral oriental fragrance launched in 2019 gourmet, white floral, powdery, amber A fragrance full of surprises shrouded in futuristic design. Impulsive, unmistakable, provocative. The new duo of fragrances from Police crosses modern boundaries with their distinctive color design in energetic tones. The bottle studded with iconic decorative spikes acquires a completely new identity thanks to a brightly colored opaque surface. Electrifying blue for him and mysterious ultra-purple for her: both bottles have a completely new face in line with current state-of-the-art trends emphasizing vitality and expressing the fascination with modern life in the form of color-contrasting accessories. The fragrances are designed for energetic men and women between the ages of 20 and 35 with an intrepid nature who adore to be in the middle of the action and like to express their charisma and uniqueness through outfits and fragrances.

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