Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose 15 color

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Brand: Revolution Revolution Product Code: 5057566092739

Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette, Velvet Rose
Velvet Rose is a new addition to the Re-Loaded family, our makeup pigment palettes. A truly compelling mixture of 15 smooth and rich shades, featuring essential beiges and browns, multi-functional shimmery golds, burgundy hues and an ultra pigmented black with a copper glitter twist. Step up your makeup game with this highly pigmented, easily blendable palette. Spritz your makeup brushes with Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray to intensify the pigment.


Matte peachy beige, shimmery warm gold leaf, matte brandy brown, matte warm taupe, metallic cream gold, matte deep warm bronze, matte peachy beige, metallic tan rose, metallic chocolate bronze, matte muted apricot, metallic peachy gold, matte burnt cinnamon, matte deep brown, matte caramel, shimmer black with a copper twist.

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