Roberto Cavalli for Women - Eau de Parfum, 75 ml

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Fall in love with Roberto Cavalli For Women, an intense, sophisticated and opulent fragrance from the elite fashion brand. This floral oriental perfume is perfect for that romantic dinner date. The fragrance venerates the sparkling beauty of orange blossoms. This feminine Roberto Cavalli perfume arrives in an attractive, 75ml, clear bottle. Further enhancing the look of this bottle is its stopper that honors a Roberto Cavalli logo. An animal print dress and the Roberto Cavalli For Women were made for each other by the ostentatious Louise Turner of Givaudan.

Roberto Cavalli For Women
The Roberto Cavalli perfume begins with the perky, rosy note of pink pepper. This note is a popular note used in most contemporary fragrances and happily complements the woodies in the composition.

Roberto Cavalli For Women
At the crux of this Eau de Parfum for women lies a heady rush of orange blossom. The fresh and sweetish aroma of this note adds to the mystic and romantic undertones of this perfume, making it irresistibly alluring.

Roberto Cavalli For Women
The base of this perfume is characterized by rich and deeply fixative notes of benzoin, tonka beans, and vanilla. This combination works perfectly and complements the rest of the composition, to create a fragrance that is sophisticated, yet extremely feminine.

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