Sainte Valere SIGNATURE EDP 100 ML

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Brand: Sainte Valere Sainte Valere Product Code: 6287015126497

An elegant, official perfume for all occasions, mixed with love and romance, it has a luxurious scent that leaves you with a beautiful effect and fascination everywhere.
It consists of lemon, musk and white flowers.
A fragrance that refreshes the atmosphere and gives a sense of luxury and elegance
It consists of an elegant bottle and an attractive packaging, suitable for gifting your loved ones
The wonderful scent of perfume lasts for a long time
An elegant fragrance for every modern man
It can be applied directly to clothes, so it does not cause any marks on it
Constant aroma and natural oud scent
Country of origin: Saudi Arabia
Category: men and women
Volume: 100 ml
Type: French perfume
Dispenser type: spray

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