Sunisa Water Beauty And Air Pad CC Cream

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Sunisa Water Beauty and Air Pad come with Bionic elastic film technology. It quickly creates exquisite nude makeup. Also, it comes with a mushroom three-dimensional puff Sunisa water Beauty Air Pad.

Cream with Bionic elastic film technology
With Bionic elastic film technology quickly creates exquisite nude makeup.
But Soft play three-dimensional mushroom puff Sunisa Water Beauty
Sunisa Water Air Pad With greater ability to absorb foundation. Also, it is soft and elastic when applying makeup. Moreover, the rhythmic release can quickly create a uniform and delicate finish. It has a streamlined design. In addition, it can fit the contours of the skin without dead corners, creating a clear appearance of Sunisa Water Beauty.
How to Use Sunisa Water Beauty and Air Pad CC Cream
After opening the lid, tear off the sealing sticker. You can see the elastic bionic film.
Using the small mushroom three-dimensional puff, and gently press to take an appropriate amount of material. Then, apply a small amount of makeup on the face evenly.
Apply makeup evenly from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside to create flawless watery skin.
In the part that needs concealer, you can press it multiple times to modify it.
Sunisa Water Beauty and Air Pad CC Cream Features
Water-proof and sweat-proof
Instant photo-ready skin
 Non-greasy breathable formula
Comfortable to wear all-day
Superb Oil-control Sunisa Water Beauty
Compact design for quick and effortless makeup anywhere
Suitable for all women of any age
Comes with a 360 mushroom head design sponge that evens out your face in every angle
Sunisa CC cushion is compact and Travel-friendly.
Sunisa Water Beauty and Air Pad CC Cream Benefits
The intense Sunisa cushion foundation provides medium to full coverage and a natural dewy finish.
It covers dark circles, puffy eyes, redness, blemishes, and visibly hides pores to give you flawless skin looking.
Sunisa water beauty has a superb oil control capability. Also, you don’t have to worry about longevity because it stays on your face all day long.
Sunisa cushion foundation is perfect for all skin tones, easy, and convenient to put on.
Light and bright texture for the radiant look.
Effectively leveling and brightening the skin tone.
When dipped in water it becomes bigger and softer for a more even coverage.
Formulated with Hydrating ingredients, it instantly delivers moistures to illuminate your face.
Primes to smooth skin’s texture correct for an even-looking complexion, hydrates for long-lasting moisture, and are perfect to hide imperfections Sunisa Water Beauty
Blurs fine lines and covers spots and marks on the face effortlessly.
Skin Types
Suitable for any skin type.
This product needs to be closed tightly after use to avoid volatilization of the contents.
If you find any discomfort or sensitive reaction, please stop using it immediately.

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