YOLO 2-WAY Nail File “Two-Sided” - Nail Tools

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YOLO 2- way nail file with medium Grit 100 on side and soft 180 Grit on the other side ideal for daily use, perfect for general manicure purpose, Cushioned core provides smooth easy glide over nails and filing comfortably for nail tech and client.

1. File your nails to the length and shape you want with the side you prefer. 2. Always file in the same direction 3. Always file from the outside towards the center of the nail 4. Hold the file flat against the nail tip while filing .If you angel the file it will thin the nail tip 5. You can use the soft grit side for buffing the surface of the nails

1. Ideal for shaping nails. 2. Leaving you pampered and preened to perfection.
• Great for manicures and pedicures. • A good travel size nail file for your handbag • Easy to use. • Suitable for all kinds of nails. • suitable for professional use or home use.
Don’t use nail file used for infected nails on healthy nails , you may spread the infection.

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